We present You a new faucet to make cryptocurrency! All actions on the website is absolutely free and easy. You don't need to pay anything and buy. Getting bonus is very easy and fast! Here You will earn your first cryptocurrency, BITCOIN!


What is BTC?

Recently in the Internet appeared the new currency - BITCOIN. This so-called cryptocurrency is gradually expanding worldwide and gaining more and more countries. The reasons for the popularity of this currency is absolute transparency and decentralization, which is very popular with many people. This currency gave rise to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. But the very first and primary in the world is BITCOIN. Invented it according to some reports Satoshi Nakamura in 2008. This 0.00000001 BTC is called after the inventor of the currency. Initially, these digital money was created to calculate in online games. But the settlement system that it developed in many sectors of Commerce and entertainment. Coin Bitcoin is divisible up to 8 decimal places. 0.00000001 BTC is the minimum share of Bitcoin.

How to get the bonus?

The bonus can be received once every 40 minutes for each purse. To do this, enter your bitcoin address. To solve the captcha. Click send. Choose one of the three boxes. Received bonus is transferred to your balance.

How to withdraw from the site?

Every Monday, the payment to the bitcoin wallet you specified when registering on the website. The minimum amount for withdrawal of 100000 satoshi. Make an order in the section account. Payments are made on the purse faucetbox on Mondays.

Referral program

You can attract friends to the site and get lifetime income from bonuses they received. Referral Commission 55% of each bonus. Each participant is given their own personal link. On the website there is a section - REFERRAL PROGRAM. On this page You will find promotional materials to attract other participants of our project.

What is the meaning of your website?

Our project receives income only from advertising. Share with their users.